Join the Revolution Mint, Earn, and Influence with GenX

/10,000Wojakians have been minted.

When we reach 10,000, the GenX Event will begin.

Mint your NFTs

Unlock the power of your digital expression with GenX Wojakians. By minting your own NFT, you not only secure a unique digital collectible but also engage in our dynamic Twitter-based economy. Earn Bwj tokens as your personalized AI-generated tweets capture the essence of your past interactions. Join over 50,000 Wojakians in revolutionizing how voices are heard in the digital realm. Your participation not only enhances your influence but also contributes to a globally recognized media movement. Start minting, start earning, start influencing.

USDT Price= 500WUSD Price= 500
Amount of NFTs
Minting Opens After Completing 10,000 Wojakians Collection


Pair Ownership: You must own a pair of Wojakians NFTs - one Male and one Female.

Age and Followers: At least one of your Wojakians (Male or Female) must be of +100 age and have +50 followers on Twitter (X).

If you meet these requirements, you will be eligible for the Gen X Whitelist. But wait, there's more!

For each Wojakians pair in your wallet that meets these criteria, you will receive a $50 discount on the Gen X mint price, up to a maximum of $200. Please note that the mint price for Gen X NFTs is $500 each.

However, if you pay using wUSD for each pair, you will receive a $25 additional discount, making the maximum discount $100. This means the Gen X NFTs will be priced at $400 for eligible participants.